U. M. Women's Retreat at Chautauqua Institute

All women of the church are invited to the U. M. Women's Retreat at Chautauqua on May 31 - June 2.  You will find time for Fellowship, Bible Studies, speakers and time to contemplate.  The cost for the weekend is $25 and you must bring your own bedding and towels.  If you'd like to come on Saturday only the cost is $10.  Remember to bring your Bible!  Our guest speaker will be Nicole Drayer, author of "Peace by Piece: Surrendering All That Is Beautifully Broken."

The U. M. Women's Rummage Sale takes place on Friday, June 21 & 22.  

Watch for more details!  

Come join us

on July 22 through

July 28 for our 

2019 Vacation Bible


 July 4th 

 Breakfast at the Beach