One Room Sunday School

During the summer, we change things up a bit and use a one-room schoolhouse model.  


​SHUMC has a history of fun, lively and sometimes messy summer Sunday school.  So, please dress your children for play. 


Our hope is to keep the kids growing in the love of God but still provide a more laid-back atmosphere (similar to VBS).  

​Children are a blessing and we enjoy having them at SHUMC!

Deep Blue

We are very excited about this year’s Sunday school material for preschool thru 12 years of age! The program is called, "Deep Blue."  Exploring the vast ocean of God’s Word.

The kids will enjoy reading and talking about the Bible and will be given tools that will make Bible discovery fun, meaningful, and rewarding.

This program includes illustrations, music, crafts, Bible trivia, devotions and DVD’s along with three amazing crew members (Asia, Kat & Edgar) who will help our kids discover the Bible’s message and meaning. 

All the children will start off in the multi-purpose room and sing songs, watch a DVD, and review the monthly memory verse before going into their age-appropriate classrooms. The curriculum is designed to lead our children into a practical knowledge of Bible themes and characters. The kids will meet many people in the Bible such as Adam and Eve, Abraham, Sarah, Joseph and go to distant countries like Egypt, Israel and Iraq.

Parents and grandparents will be hearing a lot about the characters:

Asia – She travels through the book of Genesis with the kids. She’s the communicator of the group. She keeps track of the action and documents whatever she hears and sees.

Kat – She is the adventurer and loves to explore how God connected with people centuries ago in ancient lands and how God connects with us today.

Edgar – He needs to know things and likes to investigate everything in the Bible and helps you understand what you encounter when you hear God’s word.