A baptism is a celebration of joys, new possibilities –

a new life in Christ to be blessed. 

It is a beautiful gift!

You will find being a parent is rewarding as well as full of many challenges and with Christ as the center of your life you will be able to handle many things.  You have committed to look beyond yourself for the sake and for the goodness of your child. 

As parents you make significant promises to God in the presence of the community that you will work hard to teach your child the faith.  You commit to showing your child how to live out baptismal promises in words and deeds.  To teach the child daily through word and example what it means to be a child of God.  We do this to ensure that as the child grows in age and wisdom, he/she is able to respond to the baptism and keep the promises that are made.  When we celebrate baptism we recognize what it binds us to keep our end of the deal in this covenant. 

When we begin to be touched by God, we see the touch of God upon us and we begin to see what God sees - the potential and the possibilities.  We see a vision of hope and possibility. 

Best wishes as you begin the process of helping your child grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

If interested in baptizing your child, please fill out the insert and mail it to South Harborcreek U. M. Church or give the church a call at 899-5962.